The Legend of: “The Frogfish”

Many fishermen share a legend of a very aggressive frogfish species that swims under boats and tries to flip them over. Supposedly, it is very difficult to see the frogfish because it changes color to match the sand or makes itself look like a rock. Although the fishermen have tried, they have not managed to capture it.

Only a few fishermen have actually seen the frogfish. It is said to be so ugly that it leaves men speechless from horror. This fish likes to swim where there are people to frighten. However, it has not eaten anyone. The reason people get so scared when meeting one is because it is an extremely grotesque fish.

Some descriptions are of an inflated balloon that typically measures two to 16 inches in length. The largest recorded is said to be more than three feet. The fish has a long spine that resembles a fishing line on a fishing rod. At the end is a worm-like lure. The skin is covered with small barbs and sometimes warts. The pectoral fins have the appearance of hands at the end of arms and the gills appear to be in the armpits.

There are about 200 species of this fish distributed in tropical and subtropical seas around the world, including the coasts of Mexico and the peninsula of Baja California Sur.

Although there is no record of a unique species in Cabo San Lucas that can cause such terror, the reality is that this is one ugly animal.

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