Running and Participating in Sessions at ThingsCamp

ThingsCamp is an open space-style event, which means that the sessions are created and run by the participants. So if you’re thinking of coming to ThingsCamp and pitching a session—or just want to know what types of sessions you might find to take part in—here’s an overview of what might be a good fit for the event and what we can support.

In previous events the sessions have ranged from hands-on tinkering with devices to group discussions about the ethics of possible future technologies. This breadth of approaches makes ThingsCamp what it is. So to help explore the possible session ideas we’ve made this simple matrix and filled in a few examples.

To get this diversity of approaches we’ll be bringing everything we anticipate needing, from devices (including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit, Google AIY) to materials for making paper prototypes (pipe cleaners, sticky tape, sticks, card). Of course there will also be plenty of material to support discussions too, like post-its, flipcharts and pens.

Of course, we’d love you to bring your own stuff too. Just let us know if you need any support with it.

To summarise, here are some of the things you might find or might want to make happen at ThingsCamp:

  • An introduction to a piece of hardware.
  • An introduction to some software.
  • A discussion about the future of a technology.
  • A discussion about the ethics of a technology.
  • Paper prototyping a future device.
  • Building a working prototype with technology.

And everything else in between. If you’ve been to a previous event and have an idea of what worked for you (or you just have a suggestion) let us know in a comment below.

ThingsCamp 4 comes to London on Saturday, December 9th. Find out more here and get your ticket here. We also have a mailing list for anyone with an interest in connected devices and the Internet of Things or making technology more inclusive. Sign up here.