Ask a Student: The Cambridge “Type”

Many future Law Students have questions about the student experience.

What is it like to study at Cambridge? How is Law taught as an academic subject? What are Cambridge colleges like? Our Cambridge Law students help answer questions like these, and the example below, through the Ask a Student email.

What sort of students are you surrounded by at Cambridge? Is there a specific ‘type’?

The Cambridge stereotype of upper-class, ignorant, stuck-up young adults is out-dated.

There are a wide range of personalities, nationalities and cultures here and attending certainly allows you to broaden your horizons and appreciate individuality. Having said that, the vast majority of people here are hard-working but sociable and outgoing students who are easy to get along with and very friendly.

Of course, when the work gets tough people can get a bit down but instantaneously there will be friends to pick you up. The collegiate atmosphere certainly helps; there is a sense that everyone is in it together and that certainly brings people together.

Everyone here is just as clever as you, if not a little bit more intelligent, but what people tend to not realise is that we are all very normal people!

For example, I didn’t think I would fit in at first because I didn’t think I would work as hard as everyone else and everybody would be stuck in the library working all day, but this of course was not the case and I am friends with lots of like-minded people.

In short, there is nothing off-putting about the atmosphere here, and in summer, after exams are over, it is arguably the best place to be in the country.

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