Student Voices: How I chose my college as an international student

Learn more about the approach one Cambridge Law student took to choosing a college from outside the UK.

As I lived in Hong Kong, it was not practical for me to fly to the United Kingdom simply to visit colleges that I was interested in. Luckily, it was not absolutely necessary as the vast majority of undergraduate colleges do not substantially differ from one another. The college websites offer lots of information which helped me make my choice. Furthermore, picking your college is only a small part of your application to Cambridge!

I chose Corpus mainly because it was small and centrally located. I find that the major advantage of a small college is the opportunity to become friends with most of the college members. I really enjoy making friends from different year groups and from different subject disciplines. This is still possible at a college with more students in each year but I feel more comfortable socialising with a smaller pool of people.

Location is also a very important factor. Corpus is quite well-situated because it is relatively close to the Law Faculty (about 10 minutes) and it is located in the city centre (near Sainsbury’s and other major shopping centres). This is a very important consideration as students from other colleges spend a lot longer commuting to lectures and to the Law Library. This is particularly important during exam term, as I did not have to worry about a long commute to the various examination locations.

For more information about the college system at the University of Cambridge, including how to choose the best college for you, see the University’s website.