Student Voices: Why I applied to Cambridge instead of Oxford to study Law

One Cambridge Law student explains the thought process behind this difficult choice.

There are two reasons as to why I applied to Cambridge instead of Oxford.

Firstly, I preferred the examination system at Cambridge. Cambridge law students sit their exams at the end of each year. They are only assessed on the subjects they have taken during that academic year. By contrast, Oxford students sit examinations in the middle of first year and then they are assessed on subjects spanning the rest of the course at the very end of the three years.

Whilst the examination style at Oxford may suit some, I knew that this would be too much pressure for me! I would much prefer to spread out my exams and avoid being assessed on everything at the end of the course.

Secondly, the Oxford law degree is a degree in Jurisprudence, therefore it is mandatory to take jurisprudence. When making the decision between Oxford or Cambridge, I wasn’t particularly interested in the philosophy of law so I thought it would be better to avoid attending a university where Jurisprudence was a mandatory course. At Cambridge, Jurisprudence is offered in the second and third year so there was always an opportunity for me to take jurisprudence if I changed my mind.

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