It’s a wrap…almost

I’m getting ready to wrap up my World Tour: on Saturday I will fly to Brazil. After Brazil I have scheduled two final classes in my native Denmark (updated Oct. 3rd: these classes have been cancelled due to low enrollment). That’ll be it for now. It’s been such an amazing journey — literally and mentally. I have learned so much and I will keep sharing as more learnings settle in. In less than four months this crazy idea became a business profitable enough to support a family in NYC, yet it always felt grounded in a place of generosity. I can feel that I have given a lot, which is probably why I feel exhausted and ready to begin wrapping it up. However, I could never have done this without all your amazing support. Thank you for helping me make this dream come true. Thank you for every share, comment and retweet. Every introduction you made. Every call. Every offer to come and stay on your couch. Even if I didn’t make it to your city, I still felt your support. My heart is singing with joy. Thank you!

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