London Calling: there is always more to learn
Mathias Jakobsen

Sara asks: What are our learning goals and objectives for the course?

The reason I am teaching my Think Clearly practices to others is because they have been the most valuable resource for me in my own work. I have developed and learned this from a mix of other people’s ideas and a lot of practice and exploration on my own.

My ambition for a one day Bootcamp is not that everyone will leave as “masters” of visual thinking. That would be foolish. I don’t consider myself a master anyway. I am a passionate learner and explorer. My way of working is never fixed. It evolves as I experiment with new tools and apply myself to new and different challenges.

My objectives for each participant in the Bootcamp is that by the end of the day she will:

  • Be aware of her own visual thinking strengths, so that she can build new habits and practices on top of what she already does well.
  • Overcome the simple but hugely limiting self-narratives like “I can’t draw” or “my handwriting sucks” and change these to “I can draw exactly as much as I need” and “my handwriting is perfectly legible” and by doing this be able to both draw and write.
  • Know that visual thinking is not about drawing or an absence of using words.
  • Have a fundamental understanding of how visual hierarchy works, how it influences our thinking and how to practically manage it on a piece of paper.
  • Have practiced together with others and learned from the diversity in the group, that there are many right ways of doing this and that we can simultaneously be inspired by people who do it different from ourselves, while also exploring, finding and refining our own unique style.
  • Discover concrete ways that visual thinking can add value to her current work/life and begin adapting and integrating the ideas.
  • Have enough theoretical frameworks and understanding to be able to explain the value of visual thinking to others.
  • And, have confidence to continue working with visual thinking after the course.

This is not an exhaustive list. I think of it more as a work in progress. These are my initial ideas. But I also want to leave space for what the specific group needs. And to update and iterate as I learn from each experience.

Now, when you read this list, which of these are most exciting to you?

Which of these seem unclear as of now?

Is anything missing that would prevent you from signing up?