DIY Butterfly Board game for toddlers

You can create your own board games to teach new things. I made this first board game for my 2-year old daughter. It is to help Miss. Butterfly find her way home.

The flowers and strawberry are to show the food that butterfly eats, and the spider’s web and net are the possible dangers to the butterfly. Later I will bring in little rules to the game, when she has a play date.

  • Landing on spider/net means a restart
  • Landing on flower lets you advance by one step if you tell the correct color of the flower
  • Landing on the strawberry lets you advance by 2 steps if you name the fruit correctly
  • The one who reaches the home first is the winner
  • Roll 1 on the dice to start

This was our game as “Work in Progress”

That is our Miss. Buttefly, cut out from the cardboard/reused carton box and pasted on a bottle cap. And this is how you make your own soft dice.

That is how your soft dice would look like, you can have them with the conventional dots or colors to help teach toddlers.

You can reuse any piece of cloth, preferably white for ease of coloring. I have used 4 cms by 4 cms for each of the squares. Use a pattern like above, keep a small margin of 0.5 cm and cut the rest off. Keep aside the pieces for stuffing

Start stitching along the lines, this is how the first line would look like after stitching

Remember to leave out one square as you stitch for the stuffing to go in, this is how your dice will look like now.

I have added small square cardboard pieces on all sides, top and bottom for the dice to retain its shape.

Continue stuffing the dice with any cloth/poly filling, top it with the square piece of cardboard, and stitch the sides as well.

You are ready to add details to the dice, dots or colors kids are sure to love them.

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