A Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis Part 1: Seeds & Clones

So you want to start a home grow. Good for you! The grow your own community has blossomed just as quickly in popularity as the cannabis plant itself. Cannabis can be used as an all-natural medical treatment for many ailments such as physical pain and mental health. Rising from the basement, growing your own medicine at home has taken over the main floor.

You may find yourself asking: should I grow from seeds or clones? Well, If you don’t have a mother cannabis plant on standby, you’ll be growing from seed.

With the massive amount of information on the interweb, it is okay to feel slightly intimidated. Even though you may not know where to begin, getting your first seed (or clone) planted and watching your baby grow is such a rewarding feeling.

There is a lot of back-and-forth in the industry over seeds and clones. Not to worry, part 1 of our home-grow series will help clarify a few things.

The Pros and Con’s of Seeds & Clones

When you plant seeds, they grow into plants. It seems logical enough that a high-quality cannabis strain’s seeds will grow into a large plant that gives you a big harvest. That might be the case, but like everything else in life, there is always the positive and not-so-positive side of things.


While it sounds like something from a sci-fi book, a cannabis clone is simply a cutting from a mature (mother) plant you can replant and grow.


  • If the clones came from a mother plant, you know for a fact what it’s gender is.
  • Rooting clones can save time and be faster than the germination process seeds need.
  • Easily begin a new harvest with cuttings from a favorite plant strain. They are copies of that plant-hence the term cloning.


  • If the mother plant was sick or had pests, your clones may have the same issues.
  • Clones require a lot of love at the start in order to grow into strong plants- like a baby.
  • Getting your clone to root is faster than starting seeds, but if your clone could go into shock and possibly die if it doesn’t root or grow correctly.
  • You have to have your own mother plant or know a reputable supplier of clones in real life, unlike seeds where you can purchase easily online.



  • You will know the gender of your cannabis plant and can opt to buy feminized seeds.
  • You won’t have to manage any possible disease or pest issues that may be inherited from a mother plant.
  • There are tons of online stores where you can purchase seeds legally.
  • Choosing seeds from a reputable seed bank you will have a good idea of how your plant will grow, how much it will produce, and other important characteristics.


  • Because of germination, it takes more time to grow cannabis from seeds.
  • Some seeds won’t germinate.
  • Growing from seeds every harvest is a hard hit to the wallet- especially for popular strains.

Starting Your Grow From Clones

For some, clones seem like the right path for their first grow because you avoid the work involved in germination and caring for a seedling. If you have completed a successful grow from plant to harvest and you like the strain, you can take a cutting from that plant and begin your next harvest with those clones quite easily.

What You Will Need

  • A mother plant
  • A clean razor blade
  • Root (or cloning) Gel
  • Cloning tray

How to Cut A Clone:

Take your mother plant, and cut off a stem. It seems simple, right? While it may be, there are some things you must do in order to ensure your clone will root.

First, take a clean razor blade and cut off a strong and large stem from the mother.

After, take the rooting, or cloning, gel and paste it on the clone where you made the cut. After, place your clone into a cloning tray. This is usually small pellets made of peat or Rockwool cubes.

Finally, watch your clones and care for them so they grow into strong cannabis plants that are ready for transplanting.

Starting Your Grow From Seeds

It is very easy to acquire cannabis seeds and that’s why many home growers choose to start a grow with them. Search the net, place an order, and boom- you’re all set.

If you don’t know anyone who is already growing, seeds may be your best option. If you want to start growing and haven’t set up your equipment, choosing seeds means you can bank them (store them) for when you’re ready to get growing. Let’s say you have never completed a full harvest- from seed to curing. Using seeds will teach you the full process of growing your own cannabis.

What You Will Need

  • Mature cannabis seeds
  • Wet paper towel
  • A container and lid
  • Water

Starting your grow from seed can be both rewarding and educational. While it may tack on an extra couple of weeks onto your grow, the knowledge you gain will enhance your next harvest. Also, a healthy mother plant grown from high-quality seeds will provide you with clones, enabling you to start your next grow faster.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds:

There are two main ways you can germinate cannabis seeds. The first method is what we chose to use. Take pieces of wet paper towels, put your cannabis seeds between them, put them in your container, and seal the lid. Keep an eye out for humidity levels as well as moisture content.

Ideally, you’re shooting for: high humidity, temps between 21–26 degrees Celsius, and wet but not soaking paper towels. Store your germinating in a dark place, or if you want to keep an eye on them, out of direct sunlight.

After 3–7 days you will see that your seeds have sprouted and it is time to begin the transplanting process.

In A Nutshell:

Whether you choose to grow with seeds or clones, it really is a matter of preference. Your time schedule, the availability of a mother plant, and your knowledge of growing will all play a role in which is best for you.

It is a personal choice of you the grower. As you harvest each crop, your skills as a grower will increase and you will better understand the advantages, or disadvantages, of each method.

Have you harvested your own cannabis using seeds or clones? Do you have any tips or fails you want to share? Leave a comment below or find us on our social channels and tell us.

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