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A Simple Hack to ensure Consistency, Purpose & Vision

Consider, that you are going on a HighWay and a big truck going in front of you hiding your front view.

  • If you can speed up more than the truck, you overtake it.
  • If you cannot speed up more, then you drive on a parallel track and not stick to the back of the truck.

What would you do? In either of the above scenario, you are not driving behind the big truck that hides you from your way. This is not just for experienced drivers, but even beginners!


I feel that humans are configured to drive to their destination, purpose or goal. What makes them reach there is a proper vision. We are not configured to stick to someone else’s path, like sticking behind that big truck. We don’t stick behind for a better vision and to move on. Certainly, we all need the vision to drive and reach our destination.

When we all realize the importance of vision in just driving from place to place, why aren’t we realizing the need for a vision in our life?

Your vision is your mandatory backpack for your life journey


Life is a journey, and finding your purpose is not easy for many. Even if you identify the purpose, how do you reach the goal? Only the journey will put you into many circumstances that build you to survive your purpose quest!

A destination attained without the exposure of your journey is merely an illusion.

Clearly, without a vision, even if you reach somewhere and consider it to be your destination, you wouldn’t have experienced your journey and feel alienated.

Vision gives you a purpose! To pursue your purpose, you need to be Consistent! But, there’s always a costly question when it comes to consistency! Many of us have this question in different contexts, and the important question is, How to be consistent in learning?

Quite interesting right! Learning happens in every aspect of daily life, starting from waking up until the moment you hibernate to sleep. But, how does this become inconsistent? So, do you need to be consistent in learning? It happens every day right? But, you can’t escape this question just like that!

consistency depends on purpose

Though you keep learning every day, consistency is questioned regarding something you intend to do beyond your usual pattern of processes. Regardless of what you want to learn, identify the purpose of learning before you want to be consistent!

Purpose of Learning

Talking about the specifics of learning, you would want to learn consistently for three purposes as a college student!

  • For Degree
  • For Placement
  • For Knowledge

Identify the purpose of your learning and tune them to your way!

If you find it hard to keep yourself consistent, change the mode of your learning. Let’s break down your changing of mode based on your purpose of learning!

DEGREE / JOB: Change the way you learn!

When you learn for academics or something like a placement, you have a confined boundary of what you are looking for. So, ensure you have all the resources gathered before you start.

If you have been learning using a textbook or notes (offline), try to go online mode to learn the same topics. The vice-versa works well too.

Your brain is lazier than you think you are. Before you realize it, it finds anything monotonous and gets bored of it.

In this way, you are given a new perspective to grasp things you read and hear. This small change in the medium of learning can refresh your brain. Try this out!

KNOWLEDGE: Explore other interests or domains!

If you are learning something to enhance your knowledge, your resources are not anything limited. If you are facing issues with consistency, think if you are passionate about your area of interest or you are learning it just because of the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Try to explore different areas of interest and see if that interests you better. See if you can stay consistent there.

Regardless, you should know one thing -

If something interests you, and you are passionate about it, #consistency is just a matter of record!

Heard of Twitter? Do you tweet? Do you know what `intent` for a tweet is? Here’s a quick hack of how I do some of my tweet templates.

In recent times, I have learnt about this intent to tweet. The intent with texts is quite common. For example:

Did you know you can intent a tweet with proper structuring, hashtags and symbols? Have you observed %20 in your Web browser URLs? Good, they are for spaces in URL. They are called URL encodings. Some of them are here:

some special character url encodings


If you are looking forward to simplifying the process using Excel/Google Sheets, then you can use the below formulae to do so


In addition, you can add your emojis as text along with your intent text 🚀

Here’s an example of my latest tweet’s intent

Click to test intent

If you already have your hands on automating your workflows, this may not look like actual automation. This is something that a newbie like me can start with. Automation could be easier if you can do some simple web apps. Playing with URLs and the data being passed via URLs have been my recent obsession.


In my work as a Customer Operations Engineer at Cloudera SaaS, I am at a point where I have to monitor several alerts from different channels and visit the SaaS Product to dig deeper into the specific errors and address them. One major time-consuming activity was to come up with daily reports to hand off to the next shift. Almost 5 hours of my working day went into the report-making!

I couldn’t keep doing this every day. It was sometimes frustrating when I look back a week or two. All I would have done was monitor and create a report to hand off. That didn’t feel correct, but for the team to run smooth, I had to do it anyways. Guess what I did?

I developed a web app, which was then integrated with the alerting channel to click and view more details of any issue and also navigate to the specifics. Additionally, I added a button that could help me generate the report of all the alerts at that point.

This was easy and saved almost 4.5 hours out of 5 hours which I used to spend on report making! It’s that powerful. It came up as a 10x powerful tool. This is when my interest became my obsession.

The peak of automation is attained when you learn a bit of scripting with some interface skills to orchestrate the automation.

Any Development on a platform can be a great start to automation. Maybe, if you are interested in the Web, here’s something very interesting for you.

web dev week

Last month we had the Web Dev Week (WDW) at Think-Digital. The members of the web domain presented WDW for a complete week. It was like a week of Web festival, where different contexts of knowledge were shared for the entire week.

The good thing is, that we kept it open to all the members who are interested in Web Development. The best thing about it is, that the passionate members have curated the articles and recordings which are publicly available for anyone to learn.

You can find all of them here:

Tiles of session thumbnails

The team is looking forward to conducting similar sessions every month based on the current tech stacks and demands. What do you want to learn about? You can fill out this form to let me know.

Join our TD Discord Community to get notified about other ongoing sessions!

Thanks for reading! If you found this article helpful, please consider sharing it with a friend!

Wish you the best for your new month!

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a beautiful start of july

Until I write to you next month, bye-bye!

Stay Happy! Take care of yourself, and the ones around you if you can!




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