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An Honest Review: Gritty Goddess Exfoliant Bar and Epilixir Ingrown Oil

One of the things I enjoy most about working at Think Dirty is helping you choose clean products for bathing and showering, by reviewing them.

This includes shaving products, like the Gritty Goddess Exfoliant Bar and the Epilixir Ingrown Oil Wax & Shave Aftercare. I’ve been looking for clean shaving products for months now, so I was super excited to try out this duo!

Another reason for my excitement is that I love taking relaxing baths, and these two products have turned out to be the perfect addition to my bathtime ritual. I even documented my experience in a video on social media, which you can see here.

A closer look at the exfoliant bar and ingrown hair oil

Take a look at this product in the Think Dirty App here

The baby blue Gritty Goddess Exfoliant Bar, which claims to leave your skin with “the perfect goddess glow,” is almost too pretty to use. But using it is the only way to benefit from its essential oils, including palo santo, which is known for soothing pain and inflammation, clearing negative energy, and its calming properties.

Take a look at this product in the Think Dirty App here

The Epilixir Ingrown Oil Wax & Shave Aftercare comes in a travel-friendly, 0.5-ounce dropper bottle filled with a combination of essential oils, vanilla-infused almond oil, and a plant-based exfoliant. Its mission: target ingrown hairs and razor bumps. How? By removing dead skin, controlling blemishes, reducing redness and inflammation, and boosting cellular regeneration.

Shaving advice for the best results

Step 1

First, I wet the bar and lathered it all over my legs. It wasn’t too rough or too soft on my skin, which I liked. It did the job effectively, leaving my skin smooth and razor-ready after exfoliating.

I purposely exfoliated first, because exfoliation helps remove dirt and dead skin cells, and loosens the tips of hairs that may be stuck under my skin. This reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs and increases the chances of a smoother, closer shave.

Step 2

I applied shaving cream to my legs and got to work. My skin felt better afterward, and there wasn’t a nick or cut to be seen!

Step 3

I dried off with a towel and followed the instructions to apply the oil: Shake the bottle and place the oil on the areas that have been shaved (you can also use the oil after waxing). Then I rubbed it in to make sure it was evenly distributed.

In the end, my skin felt great: Nourished and moisturized! You might even say goddess-like.

Shaving tips meet bathtime tips

Sometimes we forget to dedicate time to appreciate our incredible minds and bodies. A relaxing bath, complete with lit candles or incense, soothing music, and/or a cup of tea, is one of my favorite ways to give myself thanks and self-care.

A bath that relaxes me makes it less likely to cut myself while I’m shaving because I’m not rushing through the process.

And by using clean products that not only make shaving easier but also prevent itchy and painful ingrown hairs, I like knowing I’m treating my mind, body, and the environment with the care they deserve.

Final thoughts on the Gritty Goddess Exfoliant Bar and Epilixir Ingrown Oil

I would definitely incorporate the Gritty Goddess Exfoliant Bar and Epilixir Ingrown Oil Wax & Shave Aftercare products into my bathtime routine. My skin felt great after using them, and I’m already looking forward to giving them another go!

It’s very easy to use the bar, and the oil smells and feels fantastic. I also love that both products are rated 0 on the Think Dirty app. This means they don’t contain ingredients that have a documented potential negative impact on health!

Want to know more about products that make you look and feel good, both inside and out? Check out Think Dirty’s verified brands.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post. We are a professional review and product rating website and mobile app that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and rate. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own interpretation of a trusted source.



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