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We are working to equip Europe with its Blockchain Services Infrastructure

I am proud to announce that at we have joined forces with RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert to empower Europan member states with strong and durable technology for blockchain notarization.

This is big news: our consortium gathers unique know-how in free and open source community development, cryptography, security and identity management along with outstanding global market positioning.

Here is the press-release, available in many languages all around the world:

Down to the technical details, here a preview of the features we are implementing for the solution:

Lean, portable and interoperable with any existing blockchain platform — running on any device from chips to browsers and cloud — Zenbridge lowers the complexity of decentralized and scalable edge-computing setups and can be managed without special technical knowledge: it can be programmed in human-like language! (Zencode)

The Zenbridge network is a multi-layered and distributed computing environment. It’s core is Zenroom and allows smart-contracts to run on any device, including bare-metal, low-powered and legacy, as well cloud deployments in Kubernetes or Swarm.

It will downsize the crypto to run even on bare metal and low-powered computing devices and can be retro-fitted to existing infrastructure.

The “Zenroom” crypto-VM is the outcome of flagship European research

Now we plan to adopt Zenbridge in production for 2 initial use-cases:

a Digital Product Passport powered by state of the art cryptography

The DPP is a very important component for Circular Economies

And the licensing notarization will provide time-based evidence of software licensing adopted on hardware devices, for a transparent and consistent record of their changes across time, because we want right to repair in Europe!

The applications will not be limited to these early use-cases, but extend to anything that can benefit from free and open source digital notarization systems, even to very important and urgent human-rights issues as those addressed by the Global Passport Project.

Or to improve the management and use of energy with demand-side response services granting flexibility sharing and grid balancing like Hestia is doing.

Now please wish us luck in this quest: while being among the 7 selected organizations to race in EBSI’s pre-commercial procurement, we are engaging this challenge with a consortium and we plan to be even more inclusive in future, opening a playing field with clear standards and sovereign technologies for organizations and SMEs in each European member state.

The only way we can improve Europe is by sticking together ❤



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