Collections of information

Although I haven’t started my movement until a few months ago, this journey has been ongoing for years. It started at an impressionable age when a man had journeyed into my town telling tales of the largest collection of human information in existence, all in one building. He called this building the Library of Alexandria. Around a year ago I had finally decided to make the trip and had started preparation. This morning I had arrived.

Walking in filled me with excitement. Large wooden structures with shelves lined the floor reaching all the way to the ceiling, and each was crammed with scrolls that varied in their size and shade of yellow. I could only imagine the knowledge I would receive from any one of them.

“Can I help you?” A man wearing robes had approached me “Are there any topics in particular you are searching for?” What a good question. There were so many, where should I have started?

“Yes! There are a few, I’m looking to learn of Alchemy, I am also interested in the sun and the ocean and-“

“You see that shelf” The man had cut me off and pointed towards one of the shelves at the back of the library “That will have everything you’re looking for.”

“But I hadn’t finished yet, I also want to learn about-“

“Back there” the man had cut me off again.

“But how could you possibly know?” I asked, amazed. What has this library taught this man that allowed him to know so much without knowing who I was or hearing what I wanted?

“You seem to be looking for scrolls concerning worldly and other-worldly information, yes?” I nodded “those are all contained in that shelf right over there”

“All of them?”

“All of them.”

“But I don’t understand, this library is huge. There are more scrolls than people in my village. How can you tell me that all I’m looking for is contained in that one shelf over there? What do the rest of these shelves contain? Would I even be able to fathom their information?”

“Of course you would! They’re quite enjoyable too. I personally spend most of my time outside of the section you’re interested in and prefer the one that consumes the rest of our collection, pick one up if you’re interested, you can always go to that shelf if it pleases you” The man said and walked away to help another newcomer.

My curiosity was running wild. What subject could be so large and in depth that it could take up most of the space in the largest collection of human information in existence? I quickly walked up to the nearest shelf and grabbed a smaller scroll that was only slightly yellow. It was tied with a thin piece of rope that kept it from opening. I had chosen a small scroll because I figured that doing so would make it easy to discern this section’s topic. Taking the small piece of rope off, I unrolled the scroll and inside I found a sketch of a very cute cat that had its face through a piece of bread. awwww.