Declaration of Interdependence

For The People

We the people of this nation, each with our own freedom and responsibility, recognizing the absolute power of Love in our lives, do hereby declare our interdependence, and do set forth this plan and these many visions to bring forth alternative system of spirit, supply, law, organization and trade, and so become the new humans of the Lord of Love’s Plan for Earth.

This New nation is being established in our hearts and minds and end forever the dis-harmonies and injustice among nations, peoples, and governments.

That we recognize the essential unity of all beings, the oneness and connectedness that is so much a part of the fabric of life. We affirm that by recognizing this direction of Love-Harmony, Energy will lead every one to their own personal identification with the Creator and Humankind. And that this identification leads to a power of manifestation unknown to Earth in its recorded history.

That these precepts when held in the heart and mind, in conjunction with proper visualization and use of our talents will create an approach to life such that anything we propose to do shall unfailingly come to pass.

Throughout this time we hold these truths to be self-evident:

We rely on cooperation, respect, goodwill, and equal rights
to exist, create, and recreate.

The concepts of the National Homestead Act be restored to the laws of the United States for the purpose of restoration . . .

That as conscious sons and daughters of God we claim this Earth as inheritance
and will do all in our power to attune ourselves
to God’s plan for us and the Earth.

We affirm the common desire for wholeness in relationships, that we hold the right to do with our own children what is right and good for them, the we will educate ourselves in wisdom, knowledge and charity, and will allow all people to do as they please, given that their actions are not harmful to other living beings. So we do take all responsibility for the total transformation of the old.

We propose to establish a network comprised of land based communities and individuals to communicate the current information and to mobilize the concerned citizenry given a time of crisis. We also propose to establish barter-trade-exchange transportation system called the World Family Healing Caravan and to volunteer one member from our community and sometimes one vehicle to travel on this mobile service system.

We also propose to establish P.E.A.C.E. villages on un-owned pieces of land... to meet regionally in each season on the equinoxes and solstices until all tribes are united and gathered and we receive the city of the New Jerusalem from on high.

Giving full support to these ideas and plans we recognize the
power of the spoken and written word to bring forth results and
more importantly the power of an idea whose time has come.

We also propose to put forth these ideas before the American people until such time as we are recognized as the alternative to commercialism and capitalism and as the fulfillment of the Lord’s plan for this nation and the world.

Rainbow Gathering Hungary

Some passages from the Rainbow Family of Living Light’s 1977 Declaration of Interdependence
This was signed by 46 people on July 4, 1977 at the high noon silence ceremony
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