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Welcome to the world of Hybreed Blog!

It is with great excitement and sheer pleasure that I commence in the world of blogging. I will be writing (actually,more of sharing), primarily about all the stuff we do at Hybreed, our learnings & experiences (however little they may be) pretty often.

Now, 2015 has already got its wings and we are migrating from the past to the upcoming productive future!….Remembering the journey so far, a lot has been changed in a year; Hybreed rebranding, our first LOGO, relaunching our website ….. 2013 was an arduous year for us.

But slowly things seem to be revamping. I don’t intend be digressive on the past. Instead , would love to share my experience with Our Brand new ‘404 Store‘ !! An epoch in Hybreed’s history.

It all started One fine day in the festive month of December; while in talks with Pranav & Nishank, a pint-sized idea hit me hard. Both of these creatures (I on purpose used this word….now only they will understand, why :p) who were intensely working on Hybreed’s Virtual Simulation at that time, also turn out to be awesome Artisans & love painting their Tees a lot! Day in and day out due to intricate research & development going on on Unreal engine, they were sort of missing their hobby much. Seeing their burning temptation to explore their art & also wanting to help Hybreed get one cool in-house product, I knew exactly what we had to do next! I just wanted to collaborate the two targets together.

Yeah you guessed that right ! Simply why not Create an unvarnished Online store that helps kith and kin (not leaving out our mutual friends), any individual to to wear custom hand painted Hybreed T-Shirts?! Also, this idea would keep Hybreed, a one simple stop for all Art lovers.

So, An Online store…& we decided to call it 404 Store.. Aah! Now What’s this whole “404 store” you may ask?!

Hmmmm…Not everything you do, may have A Unique element in it… but yeah, anything that has the feel or presence of something pristine catches in the market darn quickly inevitably becoming a fashion!

So here I was, trying to make a head start with an online store. Being Metal heads, we went on from naming Hybreed’s Hardrock Store to 420 Store where I even suggested we price all our T-shirts at ₹ 420…but the issue was that the former one would have a patent issue & analogous to Hard-rock Cafe where as the latter didn’t fit the bill.

Our continuous discussion and head scratching proved fruitful when we came with 404 concept.☺Normally, The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was unable to communicate with a given server.. Simply means a broken or a dead Link! But not at Hybreed!!!! This was it ! This was exactly what we were desperately looking for. We thought to make our Store Page a default 404 page on Our Website. Any body if lost on our site, is sent to Our store directly. If that person likes the stuff we are doing, he may probably wanna buy from us. So it was a win-win situation for us.

Moreover, this would also help to Market our store! We started giving away links to people around us like or or (writing the name of our family & friends or wishing them happy new year) to grab their attention towards us! I once even wrote to make sure that my friend Ankita buys from Hybreed! (This didn’t work though.. till now, but I’m trying :-p) Doing these crazy things has now become a common trend in Hybreed, and trust me,we are enjoying every bit of these uncommon thinking. (Thinking HYBREEDly.. as we call it!)

At Hybreed, we know & believe that creating a beautiful website requires care, time and skills…..Here we had set ourselves to do this in-house project, so we set ourselves to do it fast! We decided to keep it austere & focus on basic things, doing those perfectly. If you visit the 404 Store, you will realize that, it’s actually kept very simple & minimal. Only necessary things like Category Page, product page & checkout is given the space, leaving room for no cluster, no complexity.

Simplicity is hard to achieve they say, we have tried our best to achieve this, but feel it can be improved upon….We haven’t initiated Online payment yet, but soon we will! That would again be a Challenge for us, as we would need to back it up with the best in class service!

Present scenario : Our T-shirt Orders are mainly popping from our friends & once in a while from our “to be friends”. Both Nishank & Pranav are painting one Tee in every 2 days…The t-shirts are modestly packed in Paper cover with 2 stickers….I’m even adding a thank-you message on every tag, marketing is only done through Facebook & also by encouraging our customers to share their reviews. We have our Core developments going on in full swing. We are also thinking on many new possibilities for our 404 store & also a new product in Web, that will be coming out soon.

On hiring people, We are looking forward for new enthusiasts to join in… All of us here at Hybreed, believe that the only way to grow Our organization is by proliferation of smart workers who are better than us. We look for people who have the passion of Don Quixote with the mental strength to serve in the Indian Army. We look forward to be working with minds who can drive change.

With every New Year lies new opportunities for growth and development and discovering new tricks & tools to add to the old arsenal, and this year is no exception! If you think we are doing a good job & want to hire us for your dream project, small or big (size hardly matters), please feel free to contact me at or fill out our contact page at

Also, comment below to let me know if I’ve done a decent job in writing my 1st blog or get in touch on twitter at @ajeetrg.

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