Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

It’s not just about coming up with creative ideas — the creative execution of ideas is equally important.

One of the greatest things about building your own company is that you have no limits on exploring your creativity. Our minds usually does the marvelous thinking… We may thus end up with endless possibilities to do this, do that; coz let’s face it, we love building brands. And brands are not built overnight. So, the best part of owning a company for me is that I can put my thoughts & ideas into execution to create the brand I want! . It’s a challenging thing to do because ideas and its execution are the two sides of the same coin. There is no remonstrance about the fact that smart blend of ideas and execution leads to success.

Hybreed’s 404 store was initially too an idea… When we started out, we had one thing in mind-A sellout of hybreed hand painted tees with unique themes! We came up with many different opinions on how to execute the very core idea. But it’s important to realise that you might have hundreds of good ideas but how you make those ideas happen is exponentially more important than the idea itself!

For example, if you happen to have your own clothing business, then to promote and sell more of a particular type of wear, you would try and gather ideas on how to reach out to people with the product, what are the different ways you can advertise your product effectively etc. And then you start working on its execution with the resources available to you.

On similar lines, we at Hybreed knew what we wanted to sell.

“What could we make right now that would be the most valuable for our customers?”

“What could we build that might prove one of the most important parts of our business concept at this time?” popped into our minds !

But coming to think of it, as a company, we want to do this, we want to try that! And having oodles of options to explore, it’s another challenge altogether to pick one grain at a time. Therefore, Prioritising is a paramount move.

That’s when we decided to choose the path of simplicity and create Hybreed #404 online store for custom hand painted tees! Getting the basics right was our target first. Our primary step was to not take any outside investment and in turn use our personal savings,credit cards to fund business to execute the product.

We knew also that Hybreed 404 won’t be an overnight success. It’s the constant attention, playing with creativity, balancing ideas and execution that would pace growth.

So at the moment,we are now deciding on to commence the process of integrating payment gateway to it.

Hybreed 404 store may not be the most beautiful thing in the world, But it’s our product. And the love and passion for it will gradually increase it’s popularity . Someday it may turn out into a brand!!

But guys, we won’t stop there. Sky is the limit. And ideas are limitless. Execution is creative and Hybreed embraces focus to bring out the best for dear you !

I would be sharing more on how we are sort of revamping Our 404 Store with all relevant things in my next post!

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