My Hybreed — Journey

Hello dear readers…

Hello dear readers…

Being this my first ever Blog, as usually as any sane initial blog would be described as “introductory blog”; I would love to conveniently follow the trend and introduce my self, also introduce to the happy place I work in, and the best people whom I share my creativity with. :)

I love being a Software developer at Hybreed. That’s that. :) Hybreed is like home to me I enjoy the sincere appreciation that I receive from my co-workers/boss. A HEARTFELT compliment goes a long way to encourage me and my Productivity. This helps boost of my confidence. In terms of my job role…It is to develop responsive websites with advance features… Basically, it involves quite a number of Problem solving Skills which I’ve always enjoyed… I’m adequately paid and at the same time feel that it is fairly linked to a performance review process. That’s great because it motivates me to do better and better. Pushes my boundaries and I love to work in a challenging sphere. These are some of the benefits when I think of the advantages for working in Hybreed.

But most important thing that I fancy about Hybreed is the trust and faith they have in me. This is really very encouraging, you can feel the positivity here and Ajit our CEO is really a great person from whom I learn many good qualities like self motivation, quit-never-attitude…I don’t begrudge the time in the office at all. In fact, I look forward to it more because it’s a nice change of pace. I’m confident of my job and feel positive about my contribution to the business at the highest level.

It's been a year and half since I have join Hybreed. I still can recall vividly the day of my Interview; like every other interview, I prepared for this interview too. But to be honest, I was a little nervous but when I met my interviewer (Ajit), I was quite amazed at how easily comfortable he got me. Thus began the Hybreed journey. It feels great to be a Hybreeder not only because of its enthusiastic and positive work environment but also cause of the bonding I share with the people here. I believe in 'love your job but not your company" but Hybreed has changed this for me. I have started loving my work more just because of my company. I love being a Software developer at Hybreed. Hybreed is like home to me.

Even when we are in an inevitable/unexpectedly tough situation where the pressure of work is at its peek (e.g. to complete the project on time or we are working extra hours to complete a difficult task) we feel the temperature of the pressure drop to quite an extent because of the tremendous support by the people of the company. The team spirit, time management, well utilized human resources are all well blended together to give out the best of the product to our customers. Well in all, I would like to conclude this blog by saying that everyday in Hybreed is a beautiful progressive development for us!