One Call Was More THANK Enough

The Story began when I received a Call from one of the Cardinbox’s co-founders, Nachiket (he’s awesome). He was basically curious to know how we at Hybreed use Social Media for Marketing, as they wanted to venture out for their Newly built iOS Application. We hit it off instantly as we talked about each other’s work doings … His few suggestions on how we should move ahead with Virtual Simulation & how he would refer us to His friends made me realise that “hey, if we think same, want same, then why not build bridges together?” One of the best things to happen to Hybreed after our talk was Cardinbox’s impressive invitation to be one of the First Movers in “Cardinbox’s Startup Initiative”. In this Initiative, they allow their members “free” subscription of their awesome App for a period period of 2 years.

We at Hybreed have not printed Our Business Card yet, which is another story all together. But I thought it would be great for Hybreed to be a part of Cardinbox and also to work with them in future & so there was absolutely no question for not accepting such tempting offer! .

Our Hybreed Logo is also clearly visible on Their Startup Initiative Page. (do check that out ;))

Hybreeed on Cardinbox

By going through this page one will be introduced to Hybreed & if he does find it interesting, then our website page link provided will directly and immediately lead you to us :) ! This particularly awesome for start-ups like Hybreed.

One of the distinctive factor I’ve usually noticed about genuine startups is the degree to which people help one another out, with no expectation of getting anything in return. It’s the same “wanna make a change” blood running through the veins! Perhaps it’s because startups are less of a zero sum game than most types of businesses; they are rarely aimed by the competitors.

Or perhaps it’s because so many startup founders have backgrounds in the sciences, where collaboration is encouraged. :p (pun intended) But hey, to grow up, expand and make wonders through hardwork is also what every startup dreams of!

For Now, We’re really, really, really happy!

Thank you Cardinbox

PS You can find Cardinbox App here.

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