Planning & More Planning….

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

When is the time when an organization should tire of planning? The answer is Never! That is because planning is a continuous infinite process. Be it a start-up or a multi-million making company, every single action has detailed goal oriented planning involved. In this month, I would love to emphasize on how planning is of prime importance, especially for start-ups. So here are a few pointers I feel are of vital importance:

  • As a layman would state terms like customer satisfaction, profit maximisation, improving other financial targets etc to be crucial, they actually have far reaching legitimate effects on a decisive making start-up. Because such a company not only intends to find a foothold in the market but also plans to reach out to its indented audience to be able to build up confidence in their minds. Planning is, therefore, a primary step.
  • “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin. This quote is such an apt way of highlighting the importance of planning. It is not fruitful for an organization to think that the plan will make shall never help us achieve our desired results. For it will only get the organization doomed. Failure is critically due to lack of planning/preparation….One can positively say that preparation is all about planning with a sound and an open mind!
  • This leads me to share this next wonderful quote with you. ☺‘The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.’ ―Terry Pratchett.

An open mind is a prerequisite to your approach to plan for the future of the business. No matter how the markets stoop, no matter what you’re competitors are accomplishing; it’s only going to affect your style of working and thinking process if you want it to. Planning requires an open mind. Yes. Taking into account the surrounding financial and non-financial factors are only natural, albeit using such factors to your advantage skilfully is an art.

Indeed true, Planning is an art in itself!

“Thinking five years away is a real challenge, and 10 years feels like an eternity.” — Lucy Marcus. She has also discussed in one her blogs that what are you going to be in 10 years is the most challenging question any organization can ask itself. She has also furthermore added the answers to the question we often hear. “You’ve heard plenty of simple, yet meaningless, platitudes in response. ‘We are forward-thinking’ or ‘We’re going to be the biggest player in our sector’, but if organisations or companies really want to be successful in the years to come, their executives and boards need to put some real work into answering the question.”

And the work yet again primarily involves planning with full swing. You see, nothing fails than planning to fail. Hybreed being a start-up has endured many difficulties and one thing that keeps us moving is planning ahead in terms of what to do next. We undoubtedly consider our past mistakes, analyse what worked and what did not work and then frame our plans. This is the way a start-up like us can grow, team build, give a set reason to our customers to boost confidence in us, invite investor’s faith; henceforth catapulting growth charts.

Planning is a unique combination of science & art! Hybreed steadily works to blend the two to get the best of results painted on our canvas of growth and development. ☺

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