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As I walked through the plush hallway of a spiraled building, I sensed a corporate feeling… I was actually mentally prepared. Knowing the area and office I was going to visit, the typical corporate structure was pre called for. Many white collar men swayed as they walked everywhere in the building.

I was briskly getting directions to the office I was supposed to reach over the cell from Ajit sir. As he was directing, I managed to go up the elevator to the respective floor, managed to go through a few rights and lefts, crossed corridors and reached the destination… After thanking him, I slipped the cell down in my jean pocket and headed for the office door. Pushing the door open, I entered and stopped short before a man who was busy clicking away on the mouse. My gaze turned towards the computer and saw a few very different looking eyes ran back to the guy who was at work.He looked very ordinary in contrast to the corporate surrounding. Yet something demanded class! It was intriguing….I was in the main room of the office .

After exchanging greetings, we introduced each other in turns. He got up and offered me a chair. Being genuinely respected is always a very pleasant feeling. Always. Going back to the different looking images, I pointed out and expressed my desire to know more about those images. What are they, How are they made, what do they do etc. etc… Let me tell you, that knowing all of it is part of my job.. It helps me write better…… and that’s why I got heads up about what was flashing on the computer screen….

That man who briefed me was Pranav. He talked very naturally and with a lot of ease…… Not like those big hunks who, when they talk, seem robotic… In my opinion, being natural and being your own self is an art. He pulled it off effortlessly..

In a few minutes, I completely forgot about my skeptical feelings about corporate surroundings thanks to the Hybreed’s Office…. It was not half bad .. The office graced with simplicity. Decors were neat. On my left, the wall etched out frames of firm and inspiring quotes. I loved the way that office spoke for itself….

Like it’s said, simplicity is the hardest thing to conquer….. I think, the office nailed it ! And the team members behind creating Hybreed definitely needs a mention! As I was in a rush, I had to leave and did not get a chance to see the entire office..But Ajit sir has promised to let me see the interiors as well.. And I’m completely looking forward for a walk through of more Hybreed….!!!

Will share more of my experiences with Hybreed soon….

Till then,Take care! — Jayana Shah.

Hybreed…. Simply Candor !

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