Entrepreneurs will understand this..

That rock you moved; That wave you pushed !!!

The underlying and often unaddressed fear in being brave & staying focused to your dream is that momentum is just as hard to slow down as it is to build.

Once you start growing as a creator by being persistent, doer, believer,risk-taker, you realise your obligations towards the stakeholders shoots up too in direct proportion with the aforementioned qualities. More the growth, more the expectations!

And of course, I’m saying it in a good sense.

But as Seth Godin explores:

“…many of us fear too much momentum. We look at a project launch or a job or another new commitment as something that might get out of control. It’s one thing to be a folk singer playing to a hundred people a night in a coffeehouse, but what if the momentum builds and you become a star? A rock star? With an entourage and appearances and higher than high expectations for your next work. That’s a lot of momentum, no?”

And thus sometimes, deep down in us, not knowing how to meet the high expectations potentially, we hold back. We’re afraid of being part of something that feels like it might be too big for us. I feel, We all have the potential to grow. Grow beyond our current status and we should not let that deep down fear in us slow us down. The little fear should act like a spark in you and with the best of abilities it’s anytime possible to turn around tables positively!

Risk is a necessary part of creating anything meaningful and you’ll never know whether that overturned rock will fall on its own or set off a landslide. Give in and let your work take you where it will. We all want to spend our time on work with meaning rather than doing the work we don’t enjoy.

As writer Merlin Mann says: “Where you allow your attention to go ultimately says more about you as a human being than anything that you put in your mission statement.”

We’re judged by our actions, not by our words. If we can continue to stoke the fire of chasing our dreams to build the entity larger and purposeful, we have a better chance of pushing through the dark nights of lost inspiration and self-doubt!! This will indeed help us to continue to work on the things that matter.

Hope I helped, some of you stay inspired and stay brave..

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