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Welcome guys to Hybreed’s monthly blog. A very happy summer to you all. In order to write this month’s blog, I’ve mustered all my patience to combat all the heat around and focus on blogging (which I enjoy doing the most) !


A word we so often underestimate that we end up almost ignoring at all the times when we work! Did you know that Patience is the key to turn impossibility to not just a possibility but turn a project, art, work , goal into a result beyond the best?! Patience is that quality which if applied in true and real sense in our work , one can do the SWOT analysis with supreme results.

I would like to share 5 Pointers with you all which were enumerated in the FORBES once. These points are simple yet have a powerful effect when its roots are understood properly.

The 5 powerful ways leaders can practice patience in the workplace are:

# See through the lens of others : It’s always easy to quickly judge and share your opinion about how others manage certain circumstances. As a leader, you must be objective enough to step back and remove yourself from personal opinions and begin to see the situation at hand through the other person’s lens.

# Evaluate Tension Points in an Unbiased Way:

Patience requires a leader to carefully evaluate tension points. How they are managed by others may reveal problem solving patterns that can help us anticipate the unexpected and get closer to understanding the root causes of problems. But that’s no substitute for being empathic with your employees and showing that you care about their particular areas of concern and the tension points created.

# Listen and ask questions with a positive attitude.

# Seek perspective from a trusted resource:

Never pretend to know all of her answers. Your patience mail me wearing thin, don’t force your authority on others to push the problem away.

# Don’t run away from being responsible yourself.

The above 5 points helps us to figure out how patience can be used to our effectiveness…

But there are times (experienced here at Hybreed often), when you and your team work the hard way out and achieve the desired results which everyone is very happy about. But the truth turns out that when you view the same result in some other mode, the effect may not be as you expected it to be. For example we at Hybreed, design websites and in order to view our results we usually use the big screen to test our work. Then we also use small screen mediums such as mobiles to view the same work. When the effect is quite the opposite, naturally we tend to lose our patience. But we think that it is possible to design in such a way so as to create an effective method to suit all types of screens. Yes this requires patience to work on the mistakes again , but the end result is always more satisfactory. Or we should say the end result is even better than the one we had earlier accomplished. So you see, patience pays off!

However, in this blog I would also like to flip the coin and talk about Patience from the other person’s perspective. This person is our dear customer.

Every work that we do at Hybreed, precisely involves our clientele’s wants and needs. Hence, every step that we take to create a project for our customers, we tend to be attentive, careful and error free. Aren’t these factors time consuming ? In Hybreed’s opinion yes it is. It is very easy to establish a direct real relationship between a) time/patience and b) attentiveness, carefulness and being error free. And of course the core importance of a creative design lies in patiently working out even the smallest of the details.

As Steve jobs has pointed out, ” Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right” !

Here too therefore, Patience plays an important role! Patience radiating from both our team and from our clients side, leads to the best and happiest end result! A patient customer and a patient service provider together can make a product worth enduring!

Patience, persistence and perspiration together make an unbeatable combination for success


Jayana. (Hybreeder)

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