Think ‘Hybreed’ly — Here is Hybreed’s call on 8 Hashes!

……….Wait a minute…don’t get perplexed…. I can explain better!


A lot has been experienced here at Hybreed! On a journey for almost a year and half, we’ve discovered new horizons, worked hard to accomplish even smallest of our dreams & learnt umpteen number of lessons. I must say, that accomplishing anything is predictably backed by hard work, patience and staying put!!

What’s literally important is, to let seep into us those valuable lessons we learn, and to let go off the negative aspect of each experience. Also, not drooling over it for too long on your achievement or failure is too a considerable important facet of growing up as a company. The attitude of Done-and-Dusted pushes and urges us to achieve more targets.

I slam my fingers on the keyboard frantically in excitement today; hoping our future Hybreeders and fellow Hybreeders read and articulate my take on 8 hashcalls on learning:


There’s an incredible breadth and depth of value in the things we take care of. Generous amount of focus, dedication is required to witness your dreams come true. We at Hybreed, love what we do! No second thoughts on that. And honestly, there’s no halt at being better. Quite ironic you know, that how bigger follows better and not the other way round.


Remember “Keep it Simple, Stupid”??!! Being simple is a powerful tool to away from array of superfluous attention and distractions. Casual is Cool. Make room to breathe & focus on being better (that’s #1)


The world around us is full of compelling novels… Be curious to detail your self with the crafts, updates, facts, figures etc… Thought-provoking nature is a boon for great adventure which leads me to the next hash…


Adventuresome is awesome! Hybreed spends quality time in creating the destined crafts . Creation is worth when you experiment and go through an adventurous procedure. Have you gone through the expedition of cutting out, sticking things together, crafting and brewing? We love experiencing these adventures to deliver sleek style.


“Sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge” is a classic cliché! Being receptive to profound ideas and contributing resources in any form can give heads up and a clear picture of what & how exactly the output should be. Don’t cringe at your faults. Be open, and be #4


Two Brains are in evidently better than one. The number the talented brains, the better we can collaborate to strive better! I have noticed that Hybreed makes exceptional things simply by working with talented folks who reinterpret our ideas in ways we could never have imagined. And that’s nostalgic!


It took me quite some time to fathom the fact that nothing we make is perfectly perfect! Delivering the best by picking one grain at a time is what I believe is mastery. Iteration is an experiment too!!! — Prod, Poke, learn and move to next — -


It’s not like that one has to go out, shake the world, call for an earthquake to prove your point and creation… What is influential is, shifting the paradigm with the help of the above discussed points… It’s about taking away the expected and piggybacking the unexpected, just enough for the world to be inspired. Scrutinize the world around you; see what you can do to drop jaws :O

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Me with this Quote-

“I believe me being strong, when everything seems to be going wrong”

…. This helps Hybreed, to be what we want to be — True Hybreeders : D

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