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I’ve read quite many times about all the entrepreneurial stuff (be it the interviews, blogs or facts) from magazines, tabloids and Of Course the Internet to deduce various ideas and thought provoking concepts helpful for start ups. Since I was keen to discern the values different organizational teams imbibe, find a suitable quality and learn to adhere to it so that HYBREED benefits for the good, here is what I contemplate :

One particular inference drawn and also followed by Hybreed; is the “under promise, over delivery” hypothesis. I would love to elaborate in this month’s blog, about how to vow less and deliver more ! This is a great thought (which Hybreed has been practicing) especially for start ups to make buyers and users happy Let me share a few real life incidences….

Last year, as I was surfing through the sites to purchase beauty products, I stumbled upon Fabbag team on Facebook who were selling fine beauty products at a reasonable price in their cute super designed bags. Having been fascinated by their product range, price and various buyer friendly services, I ordered for a month’s kit. When the kit arrived, I was slightly disappointed with the packaging and with one default in the product the Fabbag team had sent. Since the promises were not met, very soon, I emailed them regarding my problem. Their immediate response & consumer friendly attitude, they tend to my problems pretty quickly and I was very happy with their service then after I also happened to read the co-founder of Fabbag Mrs. Vineeta Singh’s interview about how they are trying to gain faith of the customers by “under promise and over delivery” funda which definitely made me order their products once more.

This year, I purchased 3 month subscription, and now I do find their funda making me happy The cute gifts and beauty tips is an add on to their great success.

This system of acknowledging less to dish out more, indeed has a great and positive effect on customers.

One can also recall the disaster encountered during the “Big Billion Day”! Flipkart albeit promising to fulfill various schemes were unable to deliver, leading to angry bursts by customers!

I’m happy to be a part of Hybreed who loves to make their customers feel special. We at Hybreed, undermine only to take care and devote their assets and labour to deliver the best for their dear customers. It is an amazing feeling for us too to hear great and positive feedback from those to whom we deliver our products to. Hybreed is always ready for minor promises to be able to be conscientious and present our personalised products!

We usually to our 404 store customers, enjoy offering and giving a humble packaging with cute stickers and self written notes Our prompt reply and a special post on Facebook and Twitter dedicated to those who review us also helps Hybreed to have a great relationship with our customers. We are currently updating 404 store, later when we will allow users to directly fill a cool form online and order tees !

“It is delivery that makes the orator’s success.”

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Happy summers!! — JAYANA. (From Hybreed)

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