What with those chosen fonts….

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Design in not for Philosophy , it’s for Life !

Well, now getting back to the topic I would be amplify in this blog is something we very often neglect, yet has a powerful impact visually. You see, as the title suggests, the FONTS are the most integral part of Hybreed’s project. We choose fonts which suit both the project we work on in addition to what our audience will like. Visually appealing and not overdoing a font is a dilemma to work on while designing any website.

For us at Hybreed, we have always considered the smallest part of the project to be of utmost important as well. Detailing in such tiny yet crucial nuisances is what turns a project into a masterpiece. Don’t we all love the best of the design and the best of the fonts ??? Don’t we all prefer a super striking balance between style and perfection when we open a website ??

We at Hybreed choose and craft each Font while designing a website keeping in mind two things : 1) Simplicity adhered to 2) Class.

Our design team is focused and is constantly working to display the balanced typography and info-graphs.

Here are a few interesting Key Observations laid down below :)

— 1) Lack of Information, ‘busy’ interfaces and small fonts are the biggest hindrances.

— 2) inappropriate color choices in fonts are one of the major drawbacks in website designing.

— 3) Lack of knowledge on the availability of Fonts is usually the reason for being monotonous.

It’s splendid to know how these little things matter right ?

What with those chosen Fonts, Hybreed welcomes you to check our website by clicking in the link below :


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