Think-it Achieves Select Consulting Partner Accreditation in AWS Partner Network

Alex Savas
Aug 26, 2020 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce our official accreditation as an AWS Select Consulting Partner in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) program! This accomplishment is realized thanks to the dedicated efforts of our talented engineers in fulfilling all the requirements needed to achieve the AWS Select-tier status.

“We’re quite excited about our accreditation as an official AWS Consulting Partner. It’s a great recognition of our deep expertise in Cloud & AI,” said Joscha Raue, Think-it Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer.

“Together, we can help more mission-driven teams build data-driven, cloud-native ecosystems; democratize their data; and scale their performance and ultimately impact.”

Developing deep tech solutions to solve meaningful problems faced by our planet is a core component of our work and vision. Since 2017, we have been on a mission to use future-proof technologies to tackle impact-driven initiatives with our like-minded partners.

AWS is a big part of how we pursue this mission. The agile, open, flexible, and secure nature of AWS makes it the perfect fit for our cloud specialists. It provides the foundation upon which our engineers build cloud solutions and infrastructure, helping forward-thinking teams such as BMW and ImpactNEXUS stay ahead of the curve by doing more with less — and building things right the first time.

Think-iteers use AWS to build a range of services — from data warehousing for business intelligence, to custom application development, and cloud migration services.

Wael Dimassi | Machine Learning Engineer at Think-it

“As a machine learning engineer, working on AWS Cloud is a privilege and a great help! Everything is designed for our needs in a very intuitive way,” said Think-iteer Wael Dimassi.

“It allows us to focus more on problem-solving, while AWS takes care of the rest. Together with our partners, we are helping to unleash the true power of data and AI for the world.”

We are already halfway to our next milestone: becoming an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner — the second-highest tier in the APN. In the meantime, look for us on the AWS Partner Solutions Finder!

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