I should have done “that”

Rashmi Shukla
Nov 17, 2018 · 1 min read
Clicked in Pondicherry, Winter’16

Whenever I sit down and sum up my whole life till now

Among so many things around me, all I can recall anyhow,

are my mistakes. The small ones, the big ones.

Don’t even ask the numbers, they are more than tons.

But when I contemplate over them one by one,

I realize, one of those mistakes was a well-thought decision.

The only difference is that I have evolved with time,

and now, that mistake looks like a crime

For every passing second, I keep saying

“I should have done that” where I suppose

that” was far better than what I actually did

What really scares me, is my present,

I am doing things, over which I will lament

after overthinking them as mistakes in the coming future

Can’t promise but I will try not to do that.

But again I think I should have not regretted

Sorry, can’t help!

Think out loud

A place where you can pour your thoughts

Rashmi Shukla

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Think out loud

A place where you can pour your thoughts

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