Adventure & Conversations In London

#270 Network as much as possible during day 2 at UPW

When was the last time you got enough? When you felt tired of being low, and you decided to change something? You took a new action and you built a new habit.

Today has been an intense day at Tony’s Unleash The Power Within. We went deep on what’s been holding us back, and how we can create a compelling future.

One of my biggest goals this day has been to network A LOT. Every time I felt the desire to speak with someone, I went for it. In this way, I meet a lot of interesting people.

As well, after today’s event, me and two friends explored more of London. Our conclusion is that London’s nightlife is really great! Fun conversations, luxury places, and only good vibes.

Afterward, I had to get home by myself without a functional phone in this big city. It was a thrilling experience because I needed to learn pretty fast how the metro works in London. It went well!


When you dare to open up to other people, they will most likely connect with you much better. If you show your ‘true self’ more often, my intuition tells me you will create deeper relations.

Your challenge

Meet three new people today. Hold a conversation at 5–45 minutes with each person, and see what happens. You never know where a conversation like this can take you. Take massive action.


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Thank you :)