Are You Addicted?

#95 Relapse to a bad habit but make it a great day anyway

Everybody has bad habits in life. Some of us have won over them and created better habits. Other’s are still in the midst of it. It can be habits like smoking, bad food, too much consumption etc.

The path of ending bad habits is difficult. Often we’re hooked because it gives good feelings, and makes us run away from the presence for a moment. We know it’s bad, but we do it anyway.

Many millennials are growing up with something which is the hardest habit to stop with. It’s something that’s around 24/7 and it’s free. Nobody can see you if you do it, but you will always know. It’s about adult films.

If you have an internet connection it’s easy to end up at shady websites sometimes. It can be out of boredom, loneliness or a just a quick adrenaline kick. There’s no wrong doing it according to society, but it can give you bad side effects.


This is have been one of my bad habits, and it’s something I’m not as proud of. But, it’s something important to speak about because many people are stuck in it.

If you’ve ever stop with an addiction you know something important. You can’t just stop and ever think about it again. It’s a daily fight, with ups and downs. Sometimes you need to fight harder. Other times it’s an easy conversation with yourself.

Yet, sometimes bad things happen and you may relapse to your bad habit. It can go fast, and most often you’re left amazed afterward. How did this happen?


This happened to me today. At first, I did not want to write about it. It’s hard to tell what type of reactions I will get. But I hope I will give someone inspiration to fight on with their habits.

I’ve been away from this bad habit for a long time now, but yet I got back to it in some weird way. As fast as it happened I said to myself:

“Enough is enough, never again”.

The side effects

There’re two things which are ‘appealing’ with this bad habit. You get away from reality for a moment, as well you get a cocktail of hormones firing off. This is why people get hooked.

Besides that, everything goes downhill. In my case, I lose inspiration. My levels of happiness go down, I get less sociable, as well my excitement about life goes down. This is why I will never go back to this bad habit. Everything that’s good with life is on the other end, and it’s where I want to spend my life. To live the good life.

Once it happened

My intuition says that when people relapse to a bad habit, most often they let the whole day sink with them. They continue with other bad habits like bad food, staying lazy at home or whatever. This would be the easy way out, but I did the opposite.

As soon as it happened I did the following. Cold shower 5 minutes, meditate 20 minutes, call friends, go and meet new people, go to the gym, eat healthy food and so on. This made the day a bit better, and the way back to my ‘normal’ life goes faster.

Open up

I don’t why, but this is a bit shameful for me to write about. It may be because of how society stamps sexuality as something dirty. Something that you should hide.

Once you open up about your life you will realize something. When you open up, the process to get a better and healthier life goes faster. People will help you and give you the inspiration to keep going. Because you opened up to them and gave them inspiration.


To soon hit the publish button gives me a mix of feelings. At one end I feel fear because this article makes me a bit vulnerable. On the other end, I will get much stronger and happier once I’ve clicked the button.

I thought I would have written this article much later on my journey because it demands a lot of confidence. Yet, this is how you get ahead faster in life. When you take more and bigger actions you get more results, which can save you many years of life.

If you have an addiction you fight with in your life, please leave a comment below. Tell people about your journey, and how it’s going. I believe this will help many people and have a much bigger impact on the world than we can think. Together we grow.