Ask And You Shall Receive

#30 Be Humble And Ask For Advice

The number ‘30’ is mystical and beautiful. It often stands for change and a new way of living life.

We choose for example to try a new diet, public speaking, writing for 30 days. Why? We want to develop. We, humans, are all about survival, and by learning new things we will become stronger. As well live a richer life.

Today I hit my 30 days mark on my 365-days challenge. There’re still many days left, which I’m grateful for.

When you begin to write an article every day something extraordinary happens. You begin to create a thirst for inspiration. You begin to see in it people, in events, in books or whatever. But you will only see what your mind is capable of seeing for the moment. This is way new experiences are great to expand your creative mind.

To be able to get the most out of my 365-challenge I realized I needed to become vulnerable. If I’m going to create colorful stories to you, then I will need your help. I would like to ask you for advice.

You Are Valuable To Me

You’ve maybe read my articles this far, or maybe this is the first article you’ve read from me. It does not matter.

To give a short brief I’m having a 365-days challenge of doing something scary/thrilling/exciting. Afterward, I write a post about the experience. This makes me think about how I can make the most out of it each day. As well how I can give you the most value as possible.

What I would like to know is how I can create more and better challenges.

What would you like to see my doing?

What do you think you would get a lot out of reading?

What type of writing format do you think is the best?

If you decided to answer different questions like this I would be grateful. You could leave a comment below or send a message to my Instagram. I hope I could give you something back as a thank you.

What I learned From Writing This Post

  1. It’s a relief to ask for help sometimes. Our pride can get in the way, and make us think that we already have all the answers. There’s a lot of value waiting for you if choose to become vulnerable.
  2. The importance of setting small goals along the way. To strive for the 365th day would be insane. Instead, I choose to focus on each day, and soon enough I will be at day 365. I think this is the best way to hit your goals. Small daily actions.

By letting myself write this post my thoughts became clearer about what I want to get out of this challenge. I’m already good as I’m. This challenge is just about getting a better lifestyle and connecting with more people. I’m excited to hear from you.