Ask More Questions

#291 Work at an event with hundreds of atteendes

The day you begin to take more and better actions you will go from a restricted life. Into life full of opportunities and abundance.

Today was the first day of the event ‘The Millionaire Mind Intensive’, and it’s been an intense day from 07:15 to 23:00. I’ve met a lot of people, taken action and learned a lot. How can you accelerate your learning process?

When you sit at a table with someone or people who’ve made a lot of results focus on smart questions! Don’t start to rant about your accomplishments, instead, ask more questions about them. In this way, you will learn a lot more, and make the person feel appreciated.

What you learn

With what you learn, you will be able to take more intelligent action. In this way, you will be able to help other people to reach their goals.


Thanks to all the knowledge I’ve got from other people, I’m able to do what I do nowadays.

To be a staff member at an event with 200–300 people makes you go outside your comfort zone. You need to help out with a lot of things, which makes you grow in many ways.

Today I’ve done too many things to even be able to choose one thing, which makes this day a great one. I’m happy!

Your challenge

Write down one thing which will improve your life, if you do it. Start to write a strategy for how to make it happen. Start now!