Ask More Questions & Deepen Your Connection

#312 Meet up with a friend I’ve not meet in a long time

When you’re young many of your friends will disappear for a while. They travel to different countries, to study, to work or create companies etc.

Once they get back, it’s an incredible feeling. You can feel how they’ve changed in some ways, as well, how they’re the same as before.

What often stays the same is the core values and the memories. This makes you able to connect even if you’ve not meet each other in a long time.

The meeting

One of my friends just came back to Sweden again after her studies in America.

I meet her and her boyfriend, and we spoke for some hours. We learned and shared many experiences. I learned how important it can be to connect with your ‘old friends’ again. Most likely, you have a lot to learn from each other.

If you believe in their core values and their stories, why not connect again?

Dare to ask more questions, go deeper & get to know each other better. This will make you grow together.

Your challenge

Write to someone you’ve not meet in a long time, and arrange a meeting.