Become The Fastest Reader

#201 Sign up for Lunchback and ask entrepreneurs out for lunches

What if you could acquire a superpower? If you ask two of the wealthiest people about what their choice would be, it’s possible for you to attain this trait.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both once said in an interview, they would like to be the fastest readers in the world. In this way, they will always be on the cutting edge.

Whenever I feel like being stuck I remind myself of not being such a slow learner. If I want to get ahead faster in life, I need to learn and act faster.

By applying different reading techniques, I read one book today. From page 1 to 137 during two hours. By investing this time into a book I had the opportunity to learn what took the author years to learn.

Invest time into yourself

It boggles me how many people don’t choose to educate themselves each day. People who don’t read books again after getting the diploma or don’t listen to educational programs on a daily basis.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge in your career, my intuition says self-education is a powerful tool. Will you use it?

Today’s book

The book I read today is ‘Networking’ by Daniel Sköld. The book shows the power of networking, and how you can improve your life with it.

If you get the knowledge, you most likely should apply the knowledge as well. Otherwise, you will just know a lot of stuff and don’t create real results.

In order to use Daniels ways of doing things, I decided to sign up for an application called ‘Lunchback’. The purpose of this application is to meet business people. You ask people out for lunches or someone asks you for a lunch. The person who asks will pay.

Already results

Right now I have one lunch booked, and I will try my best to have a meeting at least once a week via this app.

Your challenge

In order to get more results, you need to take action. If you’re serious with your progress, try this. Pick up a book, read it and find ways for how you can apply the knowledge. Send me an e-mail / leave a comment of the results you created by doing this. Good luck!