Begin To Speak New Languages ASP!

#202 Memorize japanese sentences and prepare for a japanese meetup

Sometimes I wonder what people around me think about my 365-day challenge. They can’t know when or what challenge I’ll do, and perhaps they’re even in today’s challenge?

I believe this makes my presence someway exciting. Because when most people procrastinate I take massive action forward. I jump into situations and find solutions along the way.

This makes me feel great power and responsibility. Each day I have a chance to make the most out of my time and inspire other people to take more action. It makes me jump into scary situations because I will at least inspire one person.


When you get an intuition to do something which feels right, don’t kill the thought. It’s easy to think up an idea, and then say ‘I’ll do it later’. Most often you will procrastinate until the opportunity disappears.

On my way home after a long day at work I felt exhausted. The only thing I needed in that moment was meditation, yet my subconscious mind wanted to make up a challenge.

I saw a beautiful stranger on the street, and I approached her. We spoke for a while and the adrenaline kick woke me up. I went from comfortable into a new situation in just a matter of seconds.

After the interaction, I continued with my momentum and went for funnier challenges. For example, I signed up for a Japanese / Swedish conversation meetup on Wednesday. I will memorize 20 sentences and then go there, let’s see what happens!

Your challenge

What is something you’ve procrastinated on for a while now? Write down the answer on a paper, as well a strategy for how you will get it done. Make it happen and write me an e-mail of your result.