Can You Hear Me?

#50 Send a message to a celebrity

Let’s rewind the time. Let’s say we went back 300 years, and visited the 1700’s. Ops, you became a farmer in the middle of nowhere. Bad luck for you, what can you do about it? Nothing really. You will most likely continue to be a farmer.

Okay, let’s fast forward to our time and age. Ops, you were born on a farm again. What can you do about it? Pretty much anything. Thanks to all the work done by our elders, and all the technology you can choose how to live.

Yet, in order to develop the life you want to have you need the right people around you. One way to do it is to follow people online, and another way is to connect with them in real life.

The beautiful thing about our time is that we’re all connected. If you want to get in touch with someone, then you can with enough effort.

Today’s challenge

The internet has opened up many relationships for me and given me massive value. Every day I follow my mentors online.

They don’t know that I exist, but they’ve taught me a great deal. Their thoughts, ideas, habits, and actions have rubbed off on me. It’s why I’m even available to write this article right now because they gave me the tools and mindset.

Today I decided to create a relation with a celebrity. Take the first step, and get in touch with the person.

How it went

It’s easy to follow someone when you’re anonymous because you’re safe and secure. No one can see you see. But the day you show up with your name and picture, it’s a test of your courage.

I sent the celebrity a message where I told him in a sincere way how he improved my life. As well, I told him a goal of mine is to meet him someday.

I got an answer which showed appreciation and a plan of action for how to get a meeting. Wow, you never know how good life can be until you step outside your comfort zone.

How you can apply what I learned

  1. Try to get in touch with someone you admire. If you get direct contact with the person, great. Otherwise, build a relation with the gatekeeper, and take it from there. If you try it, please write a response below :).

The world is getting smaller, and with it comes more opportunities than ever. You can choose what life you want to live, and how big of a voice you want to create. Start to get around the people you want to have in your life. People can hear you if you let them to.