Create The Lifestyle You Want

#297 Explore a castle and it’s attic

When you look back at the time, what do you see? Can you see how your future became as you thought? Did it take a different route?

Time is ticking. I just watched some movies from my last week at high school 2014, and I realized how far away it feels. So many experiences have happened since then.

Some people I meet says 2014 feels like yesterday. However, for me, it feels far away. For the last years, I’ve been pushing myself into taking massive action.

Who I was back then is not who I’m today. Sure, I’m the same happy person with good values, yet, my behavior is different. I’m much stronger nowadays.


I’m at the right place right now, however, it is not what I thought it would look like. Many parts of life look really great, and other parts need more work. It’s what makes life fun to live, it’s a constant work in progress.

Next step

If you want to know how it is to be financially rich, you should try different kinds of lifestyles. In this way, you will be able to see which one to pursue.

One kind of lifestyle is to live in a castle, and some people actually do it. Today I and my girlfriend explored a castle. We went through the majority of the rooms, as well the attic, where it exists ghosts people say. Most people don’t walk there alone.

We saw no ghosts, yet we saw a lot of luxury and beauty in the other rooms. It was a good day.

Find your lifestyle

You can live life in many different ways, and you will most likely change it during your lifetime. The question is, what kind of lifestyle do you want to have for the next 10 years? Write down what you need to do to make it happen.