Do The Best With What You Have

#217 Travel to a new place, help out with an event and speak

A new day at a new place. To travel means to explore and grow, because you need to adapt. To explore new environments and meet new people will help to create a growth mindset.

Today has been a day full of growth. When a situation makes your hands wet, you will know the activity demands something from you. The way to break through it is to take the necessary action.

The now

Today I’ve helped out with an event in Malmö, Sweden, and I did three things. I introduced the speaker, managed the music and sold our different products.

During my speech, some unexpected music started to play. Instead of getting nervous I went into the presence. I focused on the moment, made a joke and got some people to laugh.


Life will give you opportunities time to time. When you get them, make the most out of them. Sometimes it will not go as you thought, anyhow, you took action. To take action will make people give you a lot of respect.

When something unexpecting happens, take some big breaths and take action. Do the best of what you have.

Your challenge

Take action on something which makes you nervous. A speech, a conversation, a new product for example. Take one step at a time, and soon your nervousness will turn into something else. Take action.

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