Do What It Takes To Become The Best

#204 Attend a course about analyzing sales calls

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from this blog is to toughen up. It’s about taking responsibility of where my life is heading, and take action with focus.

By sitting down and documenting moments from each day you start to see a pattern. You will start to realize where your habits are taking you. Do you have the right habits in your life?

In order to create different habits, you need to toughen up. Sometimes you have to work more or go into intense situations.

You know what to do

If you have something you want to get great at, you most likely already know what to exercise. Yet, to take action is most often the difficult part. Because it gets very real and you will feel tired sometimes.

When you start to work a lot more you will start to feel fatigue. Yet, you will appreciate it and be happy about it if you have a motivation to why you do it.

Do what it takes

Today I woke up around 05:30 and my ‘normal schedule’ continued to 17:30. Afterward, I got an invitation to an event with the focus of learning how to analyze sales calls.

If you don’t analyze your own work, it’s easy to get blind to all the mistakes you make. This event went on from 17:30 until 21:00. Afterward, my workday continued to 23:00.

To have a day full of moments from 05:30 until 23:00 makes a day feel like a week. You can fit a lot into a day if you take massive action!

Take time to analyze

If you want to become the best, then you have to analyze your work on a daily basis.

Most people won’t do it, and it’s a big reason to why most people give up or don’t get a breakthrough.

It’s the reason to why I’m not bigger than I am with my blog. I’ve not take enough time to analyze my posts, and if I want to become a better writer I have to analyze more of my work.

Your challenge

What is a project in your life which if you’ve done for a while, but not analyzed? Take one of the things you focus on, and make a challenge to analyze your work daily for 14 days. Afterward, write a comment below of the results!