Do You Live As You Preach?

#126 Meet an old friend I’ve not seen since last year

Lately, I’ve tested a technique which has given me stunning results. In the evenings I like to consume a lot of information. Books, videos, conversations or audios. After ca 2–3 hours of investing in myself, I sit down and meditate for 20 minutes.

During these 20 minutes, my mind gets silent. Time to time thoughts appear. Most often it’s a mix out of everything I’ve learned. My brain has comprehended what I’ve learned, to then give me the best out of it.

Today while I meditated my mind came up with a question,

“If you were to give a person some advice about life, what would you say?”

Once I answered the question, the next question appeared:

“Do you live by this advice?”

Some of the things I came up with I do, other things I need to work on. By doing this exercise I got real with how I live my life, and what I need to improve.

Old friends

These kinds of relationships most likely start at school and then continue throughout life. Once you graduate, you take different paths and maybe settle down at different locations.


When you think about certain people you can’t do other than smile. I have quite a few people in my life which create this kind of reaction. Especially my old friends, because we understand each other at a deep level.

Today I meet a person I’ve not seen in one year. It was exciting to spend some hours and speak about life. We had a lot to talk about, yet the vibe was like last time. It was like nothing has happened to our relationship, we had the same kind of trust.

With some friends, you have a silent agreement. You know that you’re both busy, and won’t be able to meet often. This is okay, and you appreciate to have the person in your life even if you don’t meet that often. It creates a bond which is invaluable.


If you ask yourself what a good life looks like, you will most likely include relationships on that list.

Without the right relationships in your life, you may experience sorrow. If you don’t have people to express yourself with or people to experience things with. Life can be a lonely place.

The beautiful thing is that it’s never too late to find new friends. Most often old friends are the best, but who knows, maybe your new friend will be just as important? Take care of each other.