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#127 Read people with the PASE-system

There are many benefits of writing each day. Once I began with the habit myself, I began to understand the power of it all.

Never before have I gone this hard on a habit. Nowadays my body just get down to write when it’s time. It feels like my writing habit is too strong to break right now, it would go against my nature.


What makes it possible for me to write daily is that I document my life. I write down some of my thoughts & experiences from the day. This makes it possible to create a post out of it.

Your message will most likely stay the same, but you will say it in different ways. Under the surface, my articles often have the message of ‘actiontaking’ and ‘growth mindset’.

Read people

The entrepreneur Tai Lopez speaks a lot about a ‘personality system’ called PASE. It’s a system which makes you able to read personality types. By understanding this system you will be able to understand more about us human beings. made a summarizing about what PASE stands for:

“Practical people are slower. They like to plan their work and need a lot of structure. They are unmalleable.
Action-takers burn through stuff. They’re more hands-on kind of types. They start a lot of stuff but don’t really finish it.
Social people are more go-with-the-flow kind of people. They are more gregarious and people oriented. They can be flaky at times.
Emotional people are comparable to deep oceans. They’re sensitive and intuitive.”

We all have one strong and less stronger ones. For example, I would say my type is AEPS.

Find the strongest one

During work today I decided to find the strongest one in each person I meet. Once I found the one, I was able to speak with the language the person most likely preferred.

For example, when I spoke with an ‘Action person’, I gave some information about a product. Then I told the person about some kind of special offer with a time limit. By doing this, the person realizes she needs to take action now. Because ‘action’ is her default she will most likely do it.

Once you understand how to use this concept I believe it can be powerful. If you’re going to use it, I recommend you to use it with good ethics.


If you have good people skills you often get an intuitive feeling for how to act. If you add some knowledge to your strength, your social skills will most likely improve even more. With a system like PASE you will stand out.

Thanks to the Internet I’m able to learn concepts like this from great people. One of my mentors is Tai Lopez, and his PASE-system will most likely change my social life in many ways. Especially when I now understand more about my own personality styles.

Tai speaks about how we all have the four personality styles within us. This means that you can use your social part once you meet an S person for example. By exercising each of your styles you will be able to get along better with each personality type.

Thanks to my writing habit I’m able to document this experience. Once I began to document my experiences, my lifestyle improved as well. Start to document your journey, and see what happens.

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