Don’t Wait For The Perfect Opportunity

#227 Get in contact with some big companies

What if you would get all the fame in the world over night? Would you like it? Would you be able to handle it?

Many people talk about growth hacking and getting big FAST. Why not enjoy the process of growing one bit at a time? This enables you to exercise your skill and makes you learn to enjoy the process.

Being able to have patience makes you stand out. Just think about how many people who’ve started a blog during these 227 days, and gave up. Who knows what would happen if they had stuck with it?


To stay with something for a long period might fear you. Time has the tendency to transform you, and the way there won’t always be pretty.

Repeat something over a longer period of time, and it becomes a part of you. Nowadays writing is a part of me, which makes the words flow out on the screen. What do you want to become a part of you?


During my day I decided to get in contact with some big companies. The purpose is to create relations, as well invite their sales people to an event.

This day was exciting and I learned a lot by going big. Go directly to the top, because many people won’t dare. Experiment and see what happens.

Your challenge

What’s a company you would like to work with in the future? Instead of waiting for the ‘perfect opportunity’, start today. Get in contact with someone, and begin the relation. 3,2,1 Action!