Experiences Makes Your Mind Move

#246 Push through pain in order to find new experiences

How do you keep the interest of publishing post after post? Sometimes it can feel difficult to find things to write about, because of whatever reason. Yet, if you’re able to push through this mind state, your results will start to change.

All the sudden you start to find different ways of keeping the process going. You start to read more, ask more questions and find inspiration from experiences.

What is one of the reasons to why I keep searching for new and exciting situations each day? Because I know this is the single best way for me to find and share inspiration. Something happens and your mind starts to move.


Today I had pain in my right foot and knee. After many hours at school, my first reaction was to just get home and relax. Yet, I knew there was something else to do.

I decided to meet up with a friend and do some networking with new people. By pushing through my bad feelings, I became happier and stronger afterward. It’s interesting how much you can impact your own mind state on demand.

By going out instead of giving up I meet some interesting people. By walking mindfully the pain was easier to control.

When I got home I passed out for some hours, and then I woke up with more energy. Writing this post before going to bed again.

Your challenge

What can you find inspiration from in order to write more? Write down 7 different ways of how you can find content to write about.