Go, Go, Go — Advice From A Successful Swedish Entrepreneur

#79 Get in contact with a personal trainer

A while ago I sent a message to one of Sweden’s most successful entrepreneurs. The purpose of this message was to find the essence of his success.

I asked him “If you became 18 years old again. What advice would you give yourself?”. His advice would be “Go, Go, Go”. What a powerful advice if you think about it.

We all have some type of vision we want to realize. Unfortunately, far too many go around waiting for some type of permission.

We’re waiting for better timing, more capital, better relationships etc. Once we get it, ‘we’ll begin to take action’.

When it comes to realizing our visions we all have one enemy. Ourselves.

We create delusions about our scenario. It’s called excuses, and we all have them. Otherwise, we would most likely travel around the universe right now.

Say “Go, Go, Go”

Today I decided to say “Go, Go, Go” to my health. I contacted a personal trainer, in order to get my health right. His mission is to help me realize the vision in my mind.

When you say ‘go,go,go’ to something you need to let new people in your life. If you want to have a 6-pack etc. You better get around people who already got it. Otherwise, you will most likely never get it.

Success makes us humble

It’s interesting what hard work and success do to us. Many of the successful people I’ve observed gets humbled. Why? They know how difficult it is to make a vision become real.

They’ve spent many days & nights working on their idea. Sometimes they had fun, other times they almost gave up. Yet, they stayed with it until it began to work out.

Once a person has gone through this process, they often want to give back to people who’s aiming to do the same. Empathy makes us humans great.


I want to say thank you to the person you gave me this advice. It’s something which will stay with me for a long time and will give me the courage to take the leap when it’s needed.

It’s scary how fast you can fast accelerate your process when you give yourself 100% permission. It will take time until I get there, but I’m aware of the idea. Right now I need to take my twentysomething brain and practice the art of permission. It will change everything.