Growth Mindset Versus Fixed Mindset

#179 Use growth mindset in a negative discussion

It’s interesting how your mind tends to work. You can get a lot of positive feedback & cred from everybody around you. Yet, it all can change with one person.

All the sudden you get a message from someone, which brings you down with negativity. It’s incredible how much power words have. It makes me wonder how people can have the audacity to play around with them with ease.

Words can stay with someone for a long time. If the receiver does not know how to handle the words, the situation can become devastating in the long run.

Bitter or Better

An experience from tonight made me realize the importance of how we use our focus and mindset. You can either train yourself to see opportunities in each situation. Or let yourself get dragged down.

Tonight I had to have an intense discussion with a person, which set all my prior lessons into play. I could choose to either get bitter or better.

Choose better

No matter what, see your situation with a growth mindset and learn from it. This makes any situation more bearable and makes you grow stronger. Even if it may feel incredibly tough in the moment.

If you’re going through hell, keep going. — Winston Churchill