Help Other People With Their Goals — And They Will Help You

#177 In a group of two acquaintances tell each other what troubles we have in life

Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I never started this 365-day challenge. All the meetings, events and challenges would most likely never have happened.

When you have the opportunity to do some kind of challenge, you can either run away or attack. The easy way out is to run away, procrastinate and hope for another chance.

To run away makes your life more predictable. But to attack will most likely create a fun lifestyle and interesting stories.

Right now

When you decide to go through something difficult. Your character melts into something stronger. You will feel scared sometimes, but it will get better.

To know that I need to write for 188 more days makes me both scared and excited. It’s a lot of challenges left, and I will do my best to make each day count.


During a business network today everybody who attended got an assignment. In groups of two or three people, each group should tell each other about some of their troubles in life. As well, give each other feedback.

By expressing your thoughts you will get a deeper understanding of your problems. As well you may receive some advice. Make sure you get advice from the right people.

I told them some of my stories. And the main advice I got was to focus on a few projects instead of many.

This means I need to think about how I want to spend my time. During my days I got time for three main events. 10 hours at school, this blog and something more. What I need to decide is what the third thing will be.


To share your problems can be difficult. Because at first you may be afraid to show your weaknesses, but you will get a lot of props for it.

Because of my decision to spend time at a networking event. It made me achieve the important lesson of focus and how to become more efficient with time. Help Other People With Their Goals — And They Will Help You!