How Did Helen Keller Do It?

#74 Work in a restaurant without my voice

If you had to give away one of your senses, which one would you choose? It’s a tough decision. You will only know what it means once you’ve lost one of them. We take things for granted far too often.

What if you lost your sight & hearing forever? Would you bare the hardship, and do something with it? Maybe you would hide from the world? Some decades ago a brave woman lived who influenced many lives.

This woman’s name was Helen Keller. She was a deaf-blind person. Yet, she did more than most of us. In the end, she wrote 12 published books. Most of us won’t even write one.

When I woke up today my voice was almost gone. The first thought I got was to take the day off. But soon enough I reminded myself about my 365-day challenge. Why not embrace this moment, and do something with it?

I decided to go and work in a restaurant with my voice almost gone. It was scary/thrilling, but worth it.

Life without a voice

The first 30–45 minutes in a restaurant with almost no voice was tough. I could not be as effective as usual, which did slow down my work. But soon enough I realized that I needed to adapt.

I began to use my body language & sight much more. In this way, I could see what happened in the restaurant. As well, get myself understood by using other senses & techniques.

The funny thing

I thought people would get angry/upset with me. Because I could not speak nor give the best possible service. Yet, this day gave good results, with many laughs & good tip.

The beautiful thing about us humans is that we can show empathy. With it, we can feel for other people and understand the situation they’re in. Many people did this with me, and I’m grateful for it.

When I get my voice back

Once it’s back again I will feel immense gratitude. Often we only see the true importance of something once we loose it. With today’s article, I want to remind myself & you about gratitude.

Keep going

When we loose a sense or something else, the best thing we can do is to adapt. We need to find new ways in order to get things done. With enough dedication and hard work, we will get it done anyway. Even to write 12 published books are possible.


If I wake up with my voice back tomorrow I will laugh out of gratitude. To have the ability to express myself with my voice again will feel incredible. I will use it with more expressiveness than before.

The next time you lose something important in your life. Think back to Helen Keller, and get strength from her story. Remind yourself that you have the power to change perspectives. You choose how you’re going to look at the world.