How Do You Express Yourself?

#112 Say ‘I love you’

Each day stories and things we see fills up our minds. It makes us think a lot, maybe too much.

Far too many people think in negative terms about themselves and the world around them. Can we break that pattern?

A great way to feel better is to express yourself.

Some of us dance, write, meditate or speak. I’ve experimented a lot with writing, action taking, and meditation. In these three activities, I get to express my thoughts and feelings. It makes the quality of my life better.


How do you show love to the people around you? Do you express it with words or actions? So far in my adult years, I’ve expressed my love by action. My intuition says people appreciate it because they can see I mean it.

Yet, today I decided to test something else, and express what I feel with words instead.


Today my mother and two of my brothers followed me to the train station. When I was about to leave a thought occurred. What if I say ‘I love you’? I felt some resistance, and I knew I had found today’s challenge.

I just did it before I left, and it felt great. My intuition says they appreciated it.

Show what you feel

Many people are afraid to show what they feel. They suppress their feelings until they stop listening to their intuition. What if you began to express yourself without holding back? It’s going to be one of the scariest experiences of your life.

When you begin to find your way of expression you will feel relief. All the sudden your mind feels clearer, and you feel more confident in your own body. It’s been the case for me since I began with this 365-day challenge.


Many of us have a dream to express ourselves in some way. To sing, write, or speak for example. When we get to express our feelings and thoughts we become alive. We feel free.

Right now in my life, I find a lot of value in expressing myself in writing and action taking. It makes me grow in many different ways. Yet, who knows how long I will feel this way?

After my 365-day challenge, I will most likely test something else. YouTube, or making weekly speeches maybe? Perhaps I will find more appreciation in those actions than writing?

Today was a great day and it felt great to express my feelings with words. It made a difference, and I feel stronger. As always, one step at a time.