How Long Can You Resist Yourself?

#43 Embrace the feelings

We’re emotional as human beings. It’s a fact, and we can do what we want with this information. Some people try to run away from their feelings, some people are numb and other’s embrace them.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but you have to do what feels right for you. We all have different ways to get away from ourselves in some way. Some people eat bad food, some people meditate, some people write. But sometimes, you have to embrace the feelings to let yourself grow.

Today I felt tired and a bit scared. Lately, I’ve done a lot of things which starts to transform me. Some parts of me begin to die, to let new characteristics be born. This is a beautiful, but also a painful experience.

What I felt

To do great and challenging things are interesting. We talk a lot about all the positive things about going after our dreams and visions.

Yet, we often forget the painful feelings of letting go. To let go of different people, to let go of prior beliefs, to let go of some parts of ourselves. In some way, you want to stay in the comfort zone, but you know that it’s not realistic.

I want to grow and become the strongest version of myself.

To build yourself strong, you need to create tension & pain until it transforms into growth. Today I felt the pain.


It’s easy to run away from our feelings by eating bad food etc. I realized today that in order for me to ‘reborn’ into a stronger version of myself. I need to embrace my feelings.

The feelings began to show up around 12 PM today. I sat down on a park bench for 10 minutes, just to observe what I felt. It was anger, sorrow, inner pain etc. Why? I needed to let go of some parts of myself, to grow into something stronger.

After my observation, I began to record myself ranting. I spoke about what I felt, what it meant to me & the path I’m walking on. This made me express myself, and get in touch with the feelings I felt.

The last step I took were to call a friend. Talk about what I felt and what an incredible experience it was.

Please, begin to show feelings

We all have feelings. Unfortunately, society tells us men to not show our emotions. We ‘should wear a mask’, and become some kind of ‘alpha male’.

I think the strongest of people can show & express their feelings. It will be hard to open up in the beginning, and it will be uncomfortable. But as with everything, if you train, you will get better at it.

“All of our challenges are also challenges for other people. We go through shit so we can show other people that you can get through shit.” — Elliott Hulse

How you can apply what I learned

  1. Next time you experience strong feelings, try to embrace them. Sit still, and observe them. This will be hard, but it can turn into a beautiful experience. You will most likely come out as a stronger person.

To show feelings can be hard, and especially if you’re raised in a society which does not support it. Right now I’m grateful. I want to give a shout-out to every blogger here on Medium who shows their feelings. Thank you for having the courage to open up, and inspire people. You’re the best.

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