How Motion Saved My Day

#299 Create 43 minutes of speech content in one day

Most of us go around telling ourselves different stories. We tell ourselves why we deserve something or not. Some of our stories have been around since young age, other stories came later.

When you start to look at your stories, you will realize the importance of telling yourself empowering stories. Often you get what you tell yourself over and over again.

If you start to tell stories about how you deserve a wonderful lifestyle, your mind will start to find ways to get there. Many times you get your standards.

Take responsibility

If you’re going to get more results in your life, sometimes you have to push your limits.

You need to become creative, even if you don’t feel like it. You have to find ways to trigger the creative part of your brain.

I realized that today was my only day to create a lot of content to three of my speeches for next week. Because tomorrow I need to train over and over again on them.


When time is ticking, many people get stressed. In moments like this, it’s easy to get stuck and don’t feel any inspiration.

Today when I watched the clock this happened to me. I got mentally stuck, however, I remembered something Tony Robbins said in London. “Motion creates emotion”.

What I did was to take a walk, and record myself speak about the speeches. In this way, I came up with new ideas. All the sudden, I got creative and most of my work got done.

Once I got back indoors, I could write everything down and I accomplished today’s challenge. I created more speech content than I’ve ever done before in one day.

Your challenge

Write down three things you will do to become more creative.