How Much Time Do You Have Left?

#238 Train my pitch in front of 20 people

What is your time worth to you? Do you dare to spend it on the tv-series? Do you dare to stay inside all day and wait for something to happen? Are you mindlessly surfing around on social media?

I got an iPhone application which makes me remember my time. It counts down statistically how much time I have left to live, and it motivates the hell out of me. I got 72,72 % of my life left, which is 30 978 980 minutes or 516 316 hours.

To have these numbers in my mind makes me do bolder things. It makes me go for challenges even if it feels scary. What else is there to do with my time? Be in the comfort zone? Not for me.

What will you do with your time? There’s no right or wrong, but you have to live with the consequences.


Preparation is the key. During the weekend I’ve been training on my pitch for tomorrow. I will pitch myself in front of ca 30–40 different companies, and in one part of my speech, I will tell them about you guys. Thank you for all the support during these 238 days. You motivate me to keep going!


Today I had one more day to prepare, and I trained my pitch on 20–25 class members. If you want to become best at something, my intuition says you should increase the effort one step at a time. Begin small, and go bigger for each step.

Your challenge

Write down an one minute pitch about yourself. Whenever someone asks who you are, you will be ready to answer in a good way!